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Enhance your iOS app development team with skilled, experienced Native iOS (Swift) App Developers or opt for a ready-to-go team available for full-time or part-time engagement.

Our Native (Kotlin) Android App Developers have successfully built over 20 Android apps from inception to Google Play release, encompassing everything from wireframes to polished apps.

Hire our full-stack web developers capable of managing every aspect of the software development lifecycle, encompassing both front-end and back-end development tasks.

Streamline software development through the adoption of top-notch DevOps practices. Hire dedicated or part-time DevOps developers through iGeekTeam for maximum efficiency.

Hire QA engineers with a proven track record of successfully completing enterprise projects with zero bugs, guaranteeing that your software aligns with quality standards.

Our user interface experts craft visually captivating designs for software solutions, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable user experience. Get in touch for temporary or permanent support.

Hire iGeekTeam's locally based Digital Business Analyst or Technical Business Analyst in Australia to bridge gaps, clarify scopes, and empower your organization to achieve its goals.

Our Flutter app developers excel in crafting visually appealing and dependable mobile applications, providing a native-like experience that ensures seamless user interactions.

Hire qualified Automation QA engineers from iGeekTeam who conduct thorough, repeated tests throughout the day to ensure code unit compatibility and the quality of your software.

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Our Process

  • #1
    • Requirements
    • Specification
    • Our process begins with our team engaging in communication with you to fully understand your needs and objectives. This enables us to collaboratively arrive at a mutual understanding of the skills and expertise necessary for your project. Based on these requirements, we provide you with profiles of the best-matching IT specialists.

  • #2
    • Candidate
    • Selection
    • Over the years, we've established a seamless and transparent process for clients to interview and hire the top tech talent. Once the client reviews the presented profiles and candidates' CVs, we arrange interviews for the selected profiles with those possessing the most relevant knowledge and backgrounds.

  • #3
    • Onboarding
    • Lastly, we move forward with onboarding and seamlessly integrating the chosen IT specialists into your in-house team, following your established onboarding procedures, allowing them to quickly begin delivering results. Additionally, we offer project success monitoring to ensure your requirements are consistently met.

Augmenting IT
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CVs To Choose From

With iGeekTeam's Staff Augmentation framework, you can hire seasoned tech experts with expertise in the following technology stacks.

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    Why is staff augmentation important?

    This business practice enables companies to adapt to evolving market changes and address talent shortages efficiently. Unlike traditional hiring, augmented teams offer businesses the flexibility to remain agile while reducing operational costs. Additionally, business owners maintain greater control over the professionals integrated into their on-site staff.

    Who needs staff augmentation?

    This hiring model is widely embraced by businesses in need of temporary personnel for short-term positions within their organizations. Among augmented teams, custom software development stands out as the most requested task, driven by the shortage of IT talent across Australia.

    What is the difference between outsourcing and staff augmentation?

    Augmented teams empower you to bring in additional IT resources while maintaining direct control over your team, minimizing the risks of potential negative outcomes. In contrast, within the outsourcing model, you engage outsourced developers for a specific
    project but share the associated risks with your outsourcing vendor, while also having less control over the process.

    What makes iGeekTeam a reliable IT Staff Augmentation service partner?

    iGeekTeam stands as a premier IT staff augmentation company in Sydney, Australia, providing IT Augmentation Services that empower clients to expand their businesses without the burden of resource constraints. With over 15 years of industry expertise, we possess a deep understanding of the distinctive requirements of businesses similar to yours. Our services cater to startups and established enterprises across Australia, offering immediate access to specialised IT expertise. Whether you seek short-term
    engagements or ongoing support, we have you covered!